Our Story

We are a small husband and wife business based in Devon. Our passion for animals, our keen interest in craft and the desire to provide for our children is the inspiration and driving force for our business. 

My Husband (Cameron) and I met 13 years ago at a local Horse Sanctuary, where Cameron worked as a Farrier and I volunteered whilst training to be a Veterinary Nurse. 

In 2012, whilst working as a Veterinary Nurse, I fell pregnant with our first Child, Grace. It was whilst on Maternity Leave that the foundations of this Business were created and little did I know, that my combined love of Arts and Craft and desire to provide for my Family, would result in where we are now. 

I first began exploring the opportunity of working with Horseshoes by painting for friends and family. The enjoyment I got out of painting the Horseshoes, coupled with the positive feedback and interest from those who had seen my work, I decided to take the opportunity to advertise to Cameron’s customers. We could never have known the power of ‘word of mouth’, which ultimately caused our business to grow and led us to taking the ‘big leap’ in creating our website. 

To fit in with family life, I currently work part-time and use any additional time for what I love most; spending time with my family and developing this business venture. 

We would sincerely like to thank everyone who has supported us so far. We look forward to meeting and working with new customers in the future to provide a bespoke and personal service. 

Claire xx